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Do you connect or reject?

The average person spends nearly eight hours in front of screens. Scholarly studies reveal that face-to-face meaningful relationships can build career success, help land a job and, perhaps more importantly, provide a sense of well-being and happiness.

Diane Darling knows how to build connections. An international expert on networking and business relationships, she authored McGraw-Hill’s definitive book on networking. Since 2001, she has been traveling coast-to-coast — writing, training and consulting on how to manage business relationships. Strong relationships lead to increased productivity, profit and personal satisfaction.

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Consulting, Speaking and Virtual Training Products

Down-to-earth and authentic, Diane’s thought-provoking information and helpful tips can help you build confidence and presence, build your career, increase your profitability, and chat comfortably in social situations, leading to personal satisfaction and the extraordinary life you deserve.

Diane’s coaching, speaking events and corporate consulting give you the chance to benefit personally from Diane’s knowledge and expertise. Whether you are part of a corporate environment, an academic group, a small to medium business, or non-profit; whether you are holding a 5,000 strong conference or needing coaching for a young associate or small sales team, you are about to improve yourself and your business with Diane’s secrets of networking success. Contact us for more information or visit our Virtual Training Store.